Dr Bugs Popcorn

Dr Bugs Popcorn

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  • July 5, 2022

Dr Bugs Popcorn is made right here in Christchurch by the Posthuma family.

Michaela is the chief production officer.  She makes sure that all your popcorn gets to you as deliciously as popcorn is supposed to be

Monique (Mum) handles the Health and Safety, the Food Safety, and new product development (she’s a trained food scientist)

Raymond (Dad) handles the business, the engineering, and is the day-to-day managing director.

Reuben handles the sales and the marketing.  He also enjoys writing about himself in third person.

The business has been owned by Raymond and Monique Posthuma since 1999. Over this time, the demand for popcorn has only been growing. Our products are all made with utmost care from New Zealand grown, non-GE popping corn; providing the people of New Zealand with a healthy alternative snack food.