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Aroha Chocolate

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  • July 5, 2022

Aroha Chocolate was founded by husband and wife team Wobblie (Mike Duke) & Jo Logan in 2014.

Coming from very different past employment roles to the food industry, Jo & Wobblie have become a perfect team utilising the strengths they have acquired to bring you not just fantastic tasting products but an entire experience from the moment you open the box. Late in 2013 after the couple had some life reflecting events they asked the question, what’s next?

The answer was to make Jo’s passion of chocolatiering a lifestyle, not just bringing joy to her in making these great creations but also the enjoyment of those that taste them.
During 2014 after completing local training Jo & Wobblie ventured to Canada to expand her knowledge by working alongside a local chocolatier, earning Jo the title of Master Chocolatier.

Now the team continue to develop new and exciting ideas for you to indulge in.